Inspiring, challenging and full of energy; working with flowers and plants is empowering. A large P of Personality and Passion is the bond with clients and colleagues. Simplicity and strength in design.

Good stuff, it is not her goal. Concepts have commercial value. The product is the bearer of spirit and inspiration. Arranged in such a way that it will seduce her clients and tempt his clients to buy. Stories will persuade people. Coca Cola tells you how happy you will be when you drink it’s product. Flowers and plants tells you how healthy they are for you and make you happy.

Target renews itself, even the so called old-fashioned targets. You can develop target concepts.
She has the knowledge and experience to do so. Her motto: Customer and there product on the first place.
A new concept for a novelty is different than a booth at Keukenhof Holland. The palace of an oil sheik needs another decoration strategy than an office building.

Dorien van den Berg designs and provide the inspiration to Square Retail Plaza. Walls of plants that each tell their own story. Future-oriented concepts tempt the visitor to enter. The concepts translate the spirit and make it clear in which direction the attitude of the buying consumer of flowers and plants go, in every segment of the market.

Piet Kralt
Flora Holland

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